Research and development

Clothing, clothing systems, home textiles and automotive textiles are textiles, which are more or less in contact with the human body irrespective of the environment in which the person is located. Textile products offer comfort, protect a human from environmental influences and nevertheless they form human visual appearance. Therefore it`s important to consider the human physiology, its ergonomic and anthropometric requirements as well their living or working environments already in the design process of textile products.


We conduct basic research and applied studies, where the knowledge of textile materials is combined by manufacturing technologies (and opposite) with aim to boost both, materials and manufacture, into the development of innovative novel technologies and products. We are also active on the level of industrial development, for example in the development of new heatable and cooling materials, which will be capable of combining with other textile materials, making textile products functional and smart. Further, through our business network, we will help you to bring new product to the market too.

Development work is focused on the areas of:

  • Smart clothing and wearable electronics (protective firefighting turnout gear FireCAT - awarded by silver award for innovations from Chamber of Commerce of Republic of Slovenia in 2016)
  • Interactive IT tools InKreate (Transfer the real 3D world of this interactive creative endeavours and apparel industry)
  • Bamboo products for everyday use (Shirts with the affirmations, pyjamas for comfort sleeping)
  • Functional cooling materials for therapeutic purposes (bandages), to increase comfort and reduce energy consumption (car seats) as well as for integration into the products for sports and recreation
  • Functional heating materials (for sport wear) to increase human comfort and reduce energy consumption (car seats, carpets) - LEcMAT




    The scope of the research operation is focused on project work and initiatives:

    • COST Action - Smart Clothing
    • The study of the effectiveness of textiles with antimicrobial effect used in the medical environment (in collaboration with the Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Maribor)
    • The study of the thermal properties of textiles (thermal manikin "X-termoman") and thermoregulatory responses of people (in collaboration with the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, University of Maribor)

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