Associated with knowledge, through innovative products and services we are stronger in the market. We use the feedback from the market, which is important to be included in the lean development.


  1. You don`t have an IDEA? No worries, we have lots of ideas!
  2. We are conducting also the BRAINSTORMING session. Feel free to contact us if you are interested –
  3. Together we create the PLAN by answering on questions WHAT, WHO, HOW, WHEN and HOW MUCH (Budget).
  4. It`s time for ACTION, It`s time to collaborate! You need a business partner? Join TITERAtional Solutions and get to know the TITERAs networks of business partners:
    • research organisations
    • yarn producers
    • fabric producers
    • clothing producers
    • electronic producers
  5. We will tell you the secret for a successful BUSINESS LAUNCH – Let's be honest, it is in END USERS! We have tight collaboration with YOUR end users, for who you develop the smart products and smart composites.

and save time & money on the way from idea to business!

WHY should you work with us?

Have you ever asked how to empower your own development without adequate skilled personnel? You feel you are capable innovating and developing new products, but your development personnel are overloaded by daily activities. Possibly, you do not have enough time to follow global change techniques and materials in your area, neither to the development guidelines.

Has it ever happened to you that you came to the top results over the research project? You wrote the final report, but your knowledge (and excellent results) has been never transferred to the industrial environment, to achieve socio-economic objective.

JoinTITERAtional Solutions! 

Introduce us your existing business and long-term vision, goals and technological capabilities. Introduce us the level of existing knowledge of your employees. Together we will prepare short-term and long-term development guidelines and the best roadmap for you.

Introduce us your obtained project results and we will prepare a solution for transferring your knowledge into the industry. Keep your knowledge to get alive in a real industrial environment.


WHAT do you get by working with us?

… become a member of a winning project consortium.

... Information about the knowledge and market analysis that you need for your own development of a new product and/or service

... Generated project ideas focused into the development of innovative and competitive products and services

... information related to the state of the art and trends in your field of activity (information from seminars, workshops, conferences and trade fairs)

... Presentation of your company and related activities on professional seminars with the aim of networking with potential business partners

... Well-written project content for national and EU project proposals


Convince yourself HOW we do it and to make clear WHY people believes in us. Contact us.

TITERA, technically innovative technologies, Ltd.

Obrtna ulica 40 • 9000 Murska Sobota • Slovenia

+ 386 31 307 728